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About me

I am currently under an internship at Envar Entertainment as part of The Game Assembly's internship program, until the beginning of April and seek new job opportunities.

During these two and a half years I have discovered a great passion for developing tools and engine systems that can make anyone’s workflow smoother. Maintaining open communication and working closely with my designers and artists has been vital for iterating upon my tools, as I am always ardent about making them more user friendly and well adapted to the needs of their intended users. 


With experience from one internship and eight game projects, I have come to place great value in a cooperative and fun work environment, where colleagues appreciate and respect each other. The people that have worked with me describe me as driven and not afraid of shouldering big responsibilities. Additionally, I greatly appreciate direct feedback in order to continuously improve and become the best developer and person that I can be.

In my free time I enjoy reading books as well as playing video games, Dungeons and Dragons and Magic The Gathering. I also have a huge passion for e-sports for which I have attended live events.

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